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The gray wolf was staring at the now grown up red echidna, who was smirking and kracking his knuckles.

Sleet: ( He'll beat the crap out of me with those muscles. I got to get out of here; where's that stupid Dingo when i need him ? ) My dear friend Knuckles,... (laughs nervosly) it's been so long, hasn't it ?

Knuckles: Oh yes, indeed... (:<  ( He was still kracking his knuckles ready to beat Sleet, for all his evils ).

Sleet: Now, now, Knuckles... you know i didn't want to warm the Queen, the Prince and having Dingo to rape Princess Son...

He didn't finish his sentence as the red echidna had punched the gray wolf towards the wall. He had blood coming out from his mouth.

Sleet: Why you... ):<  SWABOTS ! Put this imbecils in the robotiziciers ! ):<


Two of them were heading towards Queen Aleena. She didn't know how to fight like her's children's friends and she was scared, even if she was a mother. One was about to pick her up, when her son destroyed it with the help of his instrument.

Manic: That will teach it a lesson! Mom, are you alright ?

Queen Aleena: I am now, my dear. (:

The Swabots formed a circule, preventing the Sonic Team to escape. The heros became close to eachother, protecting the Queen and Princess Tikal.

Manic: Sleet ! I'll be sure to have you in jail for eternity. ):<

Sleet: I'm sure you will, Prince Manic... that is... if you don't turn into a robot slave to our's and your's future King ! (:< Hehehehe

Rouge: You're wrong, you big goof ! ):<

Sleet: Watch it, lady !

Cream: Sonic's the future King of Mobotropolis !

Tails: He'll always respect his people and friends, unlike Eggman ! ):<

Tikal: And he's the right one to rule all the good in Mobotropolis. The prophecy will come true and miss Amy Rose, will be at his side, as his Queen.

Sleet: Shut it, Princess ! Or you'll be sorry ! ):<

Tikal became scared as she saw a Swabot aiming a lazer to her. So she closed her eyes, expecting to be shooted, but when opened one, she saw Prince Manic protecting her with his cape. He had destroyed the robot with a kick on it's head.

Manic: Don't you dare talking to a lady like that, you dog !

Sleet: I'm a wolf ! ):<

Tikal started blushing. She saw what he was now. The orange Princess had heard of Manic the Hedgehog who was raised by thieves, when he got separeted by his Mother and now... a grown up green hedgehog, with saphire blue eyes, wild green hair in the front of his head and a very good muscular body. Instead of wearing his old red vest, he was wearing a dark blue royal vest, a red cape like his brother, his medallion on his neck and a crown.

Tikal: ( He's so handsome... $: )

Manic: Oh really ? I didn't notice ! -.-'

Queen Aleena: Yes, you're a dog !

Everyone looked at the Queen. Manic had still Tikal close to him.

Queen Aleena: You helped that evil Robotnick on his skemes again ! You want to take my son from his throne and rule my land ?! You won't get away with this, you monster ! ):<

Sleet: That's it ! I've had it ! Swabots ! Prepare to shoot and kill them ! At three,... oooooone...

Cream hugged her scared Chaos and started sniffing. Rouge and Fiona supported her with their arms, embracing her to confort her.

Sleet: Twoooooo...

Tails and Knuckles were protecting the Queen and the girls.

Sleet: aaaand... thr....

Suddenly, the wall exploded, destroying the robotiziciers, forming a huge holl, where Sonia and Dingo came out from it.

Sleet: What ? Dingo ?! O:<

Queen Aleena: My daughter ! (':

Sonic Team: Princess Sonia !

The pink Princess stoped her bike and after that, she and Dingo came out of it.

Knuckles: Hey ! Get away from her, you ugly mut !

Sonia: Knuckles ! It's ok ! I'll explain everything later, ok ?

Sleet: Dingo ! What are you doing with Sylvia ?

Sonia: It's Sonia, you goof ! ):<

Dingo: I've had enough of this, Sleet ! I'm Sonia's new bodyguard now ! ):<

Sleet: What ? Don't stay stupd things ! Come one ! ):<

Dingo: No ! I won't !

Sonia: He's not on your side anymore, Sleet ! Give up and surrender ! ):<

Sleet: You put him against Dr. Robotnick ! ):<  You slut !

Sonia: O:

He took out a gun and was ready to kill Sonia.

Dingo: No, not Sonia, Sleet ! O:

Sleet: Hehehe.. bye bye, Princess... (:<


Sleet: What ? What's that light ?!

He covered his eyes and felt that someone had took off the gun out from his hand and tossed it aside. The Swabots were still guarding Sleet orders.

Sleet: Who ?

Shadow: Me ! ):<

Sonic Team: Way to go, Shadow ! (:

Sonia: Shadow, huh ? (: ( He's hot )

Shadow: Give it up, furball ! ):<

Sleet: Why you...

Manic: You're finish ! ):<

Sleet: No, i don't !

Tails: Come on guys ! Let's show this robots what Sonic Heroes can do ! (:<

The Freedoom Fighters smirked and started fighting the Swabots. Rouge and Cream and Fiona were using kung-fu style skills, Tails was using his tails, Manic was covering Tikal and saying to her to not be scared, that he was there to protect her. The wolf try to run away, but Knuckles and Shadow stood next to him, and knocked him out. Queen Aleena came to their side and looked at Sleet with disgut and hate.

Queen Aleena: This one is going to jail ! ):<

Shadow: As you wish, your majesty.

He was about to bow, when Sonia came to his side and huged him.

Sonia: Shadow ! Thank you ! (:

Shadow: Who ? What ?!

Knuckles: Shadow, this in Princess Sonia. (:

He gray hedgehog looked at the purple one and she reminded him of Amy and Maria at the same time. He took her hand and kissed it.

Shadow: You look lovely, my princess.

Sonic: $: Why, thank you.

Queen Aleena: Looks like you're not the only one who's in love sweety. ^^

Sonia: MOM ! O:

Queen Aleena: (giggles) Just take at look at your brother. ^^

Sonia looked at Manic, along with Shadow and Knuckles, and he was hugging Tikal and looking at her eyes. The orange princess echidna was blushing.

Sonic: Amy !

Prince Sonic got into a dark room. He couldn't see anything.

Sonic: Eggman ! Enough playing around and give Amy back to me ! ):<

He heard a faint female cry and he knew whose that cry belong to.

Sonic: Amy, where are you ?!

He looked around and saw a pink hedgehog crying with her hands on her face. Sonic didn't wait and started getting close to her.

Sonic: Don't worry, Ames. I'll take us out of here. Don't cry.

When he got to her, he smacked into an "invisible wall".  

Sonic: What?! O:

Amy looked up with a smirk on her face. She was pretending to cry so she could catch Sonic into a trap.

Sonic: Amy ?! Wha...

Amy: Hehehehe.... you don't know where you are, don't you cutie ? (:<

She lighet the room and Sonic became surprized and shocked, to find himself inside a ...

Last one:[link]

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